Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ship's Log: La Concorde de Guinea

La Concorde de Guinea
Ship's Log
Image by SilverbladeTE not used with permission.

Menelya XIV 22 Quellë 85

    Sometimes I forget how dismal this work can be. For the last fortnight we have traveled through the
Flow. By the Gods! How I hate this accursed rainbow light! I cannot sleep and this slow pace of travel
is making me wonder if the crew will mutiny soon. Our supplies have nearly run out. I assured Gary we
can make it to port and that all will be well. He seemed to buy it, but Lirand looked as suspicious as
    Damn that man to the Flow! How can a human male so arrogant as he be better liked than I! I feel it
in my bones, if we cannot make port soon HE will be the one to lead the crew to mutiny!

Elenya XIV 24 Quellë 85

    At last! A Crystal Shell has been sighted! We may just make port before our beer is gone. We still
have enough biscuits for another week, sooner the beer will run out. Without reaching the Shell,
Valinore cannot purify the stale water we have to drink. Gary says he sighted a portal through the
Shell. I pray that he did for all our sakes.

Isilya XIV 26 Quellë 85

    Gary was wrong and I had to make an example of him to keep the crew in line. Though I feel as if
he may be the lucky one. At least he is off of this damned ship! Gary was my closest ally among the
crew. With him gone I may have to resort to harsher methods to maintain control.
    Gary's loss leaves me destitute! He might not have been the smartest sailor, but he was loyal. That
human, Lirand, he is a problem that I will just have to deal with tomorrow. If he so much as looks at me
wrong he'll be thrown overboard as well!

Aldúya XIV 26 Quellë 85

    That human louse is gone! He dared to challenge an order and I had him thrown overboard! The
rest of the crew seems cowed and all should be well! Unlike Gary, he chose the wrong time to be spaced. We crossed into the shell early on the first shift.
His lifeless corpse should be floating in this sphere for all eternity, ha!

Xīngqísān 10 Liù yuè 1805

    Poor old Captain Quessir. She thought I would die in space, the fool. Now, her corpse is floating in
many pieces all throughout Drajspace. We should make planetfall by third shift and I think most of the
crew will just take their pay and move on. I think I'll rename the ship, as soon as I think of a decent

Xīngqíliù 13 Liù yuè 1805

    Damn that bastard elf! Quessir had so many liens on the ship that it will take all of my share and
then some to pay it off! Now I have to find a way to make enough on the next run. Without any funds
it's going to be hard to find a valuable enough cargo to make anything, let alone buy provisions and
pay a crew. ‘Tis a pity I cannot carve that motherorc of a captain to pieces once again!

Xīngqíliù 20 Liù yuè 1805

    Praise to the gods! I finally have the funds from Gemgrinder & Associates to fully stock and man the
ship. My cargo of cloth and dye should net a good profit from the Shou of Duanzhouxin. If I can get a
few decent runs in I should be able to pay these liens off in less than a decade.

Xīngqí'èr 23 Liù yuè 1805

    Today I was approached by a man, who looked as if he dug his way out of a dungeon, while I was
recruiting a crew. He had me cornered when he made an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Seems that he
needs to get his cargo off planet as fast as possible and is willing to pay enough to get me out of debt
after a single run. Even his creepy pale face couldn't make me unhappy. Things are definitely looking
up. With his advance I was able to buy four of those plant sailor things. I can’t remember what the guy
called them. So now I just need to fill the last of the crew positions and I’ll be sleeping on gold coin like
a dragon.

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